Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sometimes an owl is just an owl.

    If it sounds like an owl, and the hooting is coming from outside, it might be an owl - or it might be Dad.  Earlier this week, at about 10:30 pm, my daughter came downstairs to ask where Daddy was.         "In the shower," I replied.
   "Oh, then there might be an owl in the tree outside.  I heard the hooting and thought it might be Dad rehearsing his lines for a play, and I was going to ask him to stop so I could go to sleep," she told me.
    The thing about this exchange that made us laugh is that, in our family, the chance that someone was sitting on the porch at 10:30 at night, practicing owl sounds, was not at all out of the question.  I went in to let my husband know there was an owl in the tree, and he promptly hooted from the shower in exactly the timbre of the bird outside!  
     The three of us spent about half an hour listening to the owl, and trying to see it (no success). My husband had a "conversation" with it, hooting back and forth with the owl before heading in.  We guessed it was a Great Horned Owl and later listened to sound samples and determined that it was indeed a male of the species.
   If you are interested, this website has some wonderful recordings of various owl calls.  Just click the link here  ---> Owl calls

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