Monday, March 1, 2010

Let it Snow

    We left my mother-in-law's house so I could get the children back to school and back on schedule.  Ironically, their first day back the schools had a 2 hour delay due to the previous evening's snowfall.  Then, they had snow days for the rest of the week as our area got about 2 - 2 1/2 feet of snow. 
    It was really nice to just be home - no appointments or racing off to rehearsals.  There is something very cozy about a heavy snowfall, the family at home and homemade bread baking.
I do occasionally wish I had a MUCH stronger lens for my camera so I could get shots of the snowflakes - however, I can make due by looking at the photographs of others.
     Still knitting - working on a baby blanket for a friend.  The Sweethearts blanket from  KNIT Baby Blankets edited by Gwen Steege.  I love this little book - I have made blankets from it before and I love that you can find something to make whether you are a beginner or very experienced as a knitter.  I will share a picture when I finish it. 

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