Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream - not in this house, sister!

Why is it on the tired nights - you know, the nights when all you really want to do is hit the pillow and not move for eight hours - the dog decides she must go outside a mere an hour after you have drifted off?  And your youngest comes in about an hour later and tells you he had an accident requiring a shower, new jammies and a complete change of bedding?  And then the morning dawns clear and bright and the darn sun decides to pierce your shuttered eyes with the intensity of a spinal needle being stabbed through your pupil??

      To be balanced,  the children were unusually quiet today.  The youngest had a play date with his friend, Sam.  Very grown up, he stayed there without Daddy and had a grand time! The older two went around the neighborhood to hawk Girl Scout cookies to the neighbors and check out the activities of all the local dogs - a yearly ritual. All I want to do is bake bread and be a sloth for a day, but I shall have to wait sometime before things slow down enough for me to grow algae. (Good thing, I think!)
        Made bee candy - looks less like candy and more like wet sugar - it hit 270 degrees and dried out.  Now I bake and I make candy and I have never seen sugar do this, especially after cooking for 45 minutes.  So I dumped the mess back in the pot, added more water and started over.  I think the bees will eat it - it is not scorched - but it is less like hard candy and more like a clump of sugar formed in the sugar bowl on a humid August day in Southern Maryland.

      Quizzes to grade and dinner to cook and then off to watch a dress rehearsal of Richard III.  Love the play - reserving judgment on the  production - but I am making my students all see it and write  paper, so I must be able to identify the production style and any specific gimmicks used. (I have been forewarned of a make-up gimmick and am eager to see the outcome.)  Some of my students are in the show, so I want to support their endeavors.


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