Friday, March 12, 2010

Butter is truly God's gift to bakers

     I am knee deep in a book - The Professional Pastry Chef - not a novel, but a cookbook.  Oh, what a delicious cookbook - I gain weight just reading it.  I have sticky notes throughout it of "must try" recipes.  This afternoon was a Basque Cake.  To be honest it is two Basque Cakes as the recipe is a double one.  I knew I was  in for a treat when the recipe called for 1 1/2 POUNDS of butter - not sticks, pounds.  Ah, the joy of finding a cake which might replicate the pound cake I ate once in my childhood and have never found (nor been able to replicate) again. 
     To add to the gastronomic joy is the custard which is cooked into the middle of the cake.  The almonds on top don't hurt either!  The house is permeated with the scent of toasted almonds and sweet cake.  Bliss!
     Of course, I will be required to start taking the dog out on more regular walks to work off the possible pounds, but all that's worth it!

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