Wednesday, April 7, 2010

seeds and washing windows

   It is 80 degrees today - going to be in the fifties this weekend.  I know I am asking a lot of upstate weather, but I couldn't resist putting in the peas.  They are old seeds from a couple years ago - but I needed something in real soil.  If we get another snow, as no doubt we will, it will melt quickly, and I can throw a sheet over the pea support if frost returns. 
    Yesterday I got the cotton, the tomato seeds, the tomatillos and some pepper seeds in the seed flats.  Today was so lovely, I have been pulling all the window curtains down, washing them and hanging them on the laundry line.  Fresh air and clean window curtains go together.  I need to be moving furniture around to accommodate the incoming furniture from my mother-in-law's house which will be arriving Friday as hubby brings it up from the South.  Everything I move makes me see the need for a thorough cleaning first (not my favorite chore) so I am starting small and working one job at a time.
    Thought I was going to paint the kids' bathroom - but that must wait for another day.

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