Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snippets of advice for my daughter

 - the proper undergarments can make or break an outfit.
               Take the time: *iron your slip
                                      *hand wash your hosiery
                                      *let your bras hang dry, don't ruin the elastic by putting them in the dryer
                                      *wear the right bra for the garment
- don't wear foundation to try to cover a pimple - it really doesn't work
- eat breakfast -always
- unless you are working in the garden or painting the house, dress nicely enough that you won't be embarrassed if the cute boy sees you
- don't swear - you do not sound cool, just ugly
- enunciate
- never brush a cat's fur backwards
- brush your hair
- smile, it makes you more approachable
- it's okay if all your friends aren't cool
- go to college
- always remember that Daddy and I love you


  1. I love the words of advice to your daughter. What a wise mother you are!

  2. Thanks, although much of that was passed on to me from my mother or my grandmother