Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Tuesday

   Spinning class today - plying from a _____(something) kate.  I cannot remember all the terms yet!  We will be dyeing the yarn next week.  We were going to just wash it, but Annabel, my teacher, decided there was no reason not to dye it - so, yeah! Another new experience! Bought 2 oz. of Icelandic roving - a pretty grey - so when the wheel is assembled I have something to play with!

  Last night was the last meeting for the year for my Cadette girl Scout troop.  We had a backyard barbeque at our house and did a flag retirement ceremony as part of a patriotism badge.  Unfortunately, the ragged flag we put to rest was nylon, so it was hard to be totally respectful and quiet when acrid, black  smoke was  blowing in our eyes - but overall it was nice. 
Tearing the stripes away, one by one, with each colony acknowledged.

Last to go, the blue field. With a kiss and a salute. Goodbye.

     Hit the library after spinning and picked up nine books I had holds on. Lovely!  When I got home, I picked up the kids and went back to the library so they could get books out, too!

     The older two went bowling with Daddy and our youngest and I are making sugar cookies - waiting for the dough to chill is the hardest part!
     A bit of rain today, so no need to water the garden.  Need to get the second planting of beans in, and perhaps may try to throw more peas in.  personally, I do not think they are worth their space in the garden - they do not yield enough for our family in the space we have - I'd need to dedicate an entire bed to them.  Maybe next year...
       Overall, a good Tuesday!


  1. Lazy Kate, I think. And I love the new kitty.

  2. Lazy Kate - I believe my mom put one and a few spare bobbins in the box with your spinning wheel. Have you opened the box yet?!

    Your cat is going to love your hobby. One of our cats was weaned rather young, and he really loved to go find some roving, curl up in it, and suck & need a wad of the wool. Silly kitties.

  3. knead, not need. Silly Mel. Or maybe he did need it.