Friday, June 25, 2010

Suddenly Summer

   The date said June 21 and suddenly summer arrived.  Seriously.  We had been going back and forth between warm and cool and not really enough sun to jump start the vegetables  planted in the garden.  We wait up here until after Memorial Day for planting - usually, as we have been known to get the occasional June snow.  
     I was out watering today and the  cotton has new leaves (it took this long to get over being disgruntled about having been transplanted), the tomato plants have shot up, the beans are merrily twining around their tower, and the hops is growing so quickly you can almost see the tendrils stretching outward!  Lovely!

     Still spinning - I have a bunch of roving and tops from a grant I wrote a couple of years ago.  I was going to spin it all for part of the project but could only afford a drop spindle. HA!  The same yarn I started with is still on the spindle.  At least now I know how to ply it!  

  I am working with a cream coloured Corriedale top 
      - it is good for me as it moves apace, but is not too slippery.  I also found that I had ordered some Merino with that grant money - can't wait to try that!  Well, yes, I can wait long enough until I feel I am pretty good at this.  The Merino is a gorgeous multi-hued dyed bit of wool  and it was expensive!   Being able to spin all this with a wheel means I may actually be able to complete this project!   One thing I have noticed is I have to watch my posture as I spin or I will be a hunched backed little troll lady before long!

Can honestly say the cat seems only vaguely interested in the whole spinning/fibre/yarn thing -  the dog, however, is fascinated!

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