Thursday, July 22, 2010

tech week

     In dress rehearsals for Last of the Boys.  It is going well - interesting show - I like parts of it better than others, but the ending makes me cry - every time.  Let's hear it for wonderful actors!  
     The first day of dress rehearsals one of the lead actors came in with a broken big toe - special shoe thingy on his foot.  Ouch.  Next night - yesterday, we had three violent thunder storms in a row. At about 4:30 the director had to leave to remove the tree that had fallen on part of his house.  After he left, the second part of the storm came, and as I stood watching it, half of a maple tree next to the theatre just broke off and fell across the neighbor's driveway.  This huge tree was apparently rotten through the core, so there was no loud crack, just a lot of swaying and then,  thump.
     If the first two days were like this - do we really want to know what is in store for tonight's final dress?

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  1. Maybe you've gotten all of your bad luck out of the way, and it will be clear sailing from here on out!