Saturday, July 17, 2010

Growing up

    Today my four year old went to a party - without his parents - and it was an "away" party.  His friend had a party a a Chucky Cheese (sp?) which was about an hour away.  He rode in the car with his friends and went to the arcade and had a great time!  He was so excited!   He is "all grown up"!
    Afterwards,  I had to go to the theatre for fittings for the show I am working on.  As my husband is out of town, I took the kids, a picnic lunch/dinner, a complete change of clothes for each child, two gallons of wash water, three quarts of drinking water, baseball caps for all, and a frog trap (old plastic fish tank for our beta) and  let them play in the frog pond behind the theatre while I dressed actors.   They had a great time - were the happy trappers of 6 frogs (all released), were covered in pond muck and slime, stank to the high heavens, and were very happy.
    After sluicing them with the hose from the theatre - they'd used up the 2 gallons of water before I got there, I had them change in the car and we headed home. After about 5 minutes of tickling me with a bullrush, my four year old fell asleep.
    Such a busy day for a little man.  When I carried him in from the car, I realized he may be all grown up - kindergarten in the fall - but he is still my baby...

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  1. He did a really great job, btw. How have they grown up so much?