Thursday, August 26, 2010


   Honey is all strained and jarred.  I have to get a bottle or two to the neighbors, who, despite a dangerous sting allergy, have not complained and are always kind and friendly.  I also have to find a place to store the jarred honey.  Maybe I will one day invest in "honey jars" with their peculiar shape, but for now I like the way it looks in the mason jars - very homey and reliable.
A nice amount for just 5 frames

Holding it up to the light, you can see how light and clear it is

   The first day of classes for me was today - three classes in a row, two of the same class just different sections. I think by the end of the semester I may feel like I have been stuttering  as I repeat the same material to a different section of students. Overall, I think the semester may be a good one.  First impressions can be deceiving, but I have found intro classes show their stripes early.  These seem like really nice kids.
   I am still a bit sad that summer is over, for the grown ups anyway!  The children do not go back to school until the 8th of Sept., so my husband and I have been juggling our schedules for "kids coverage" as well as dropping off and retrieving our student athletes from their practices.  Needless to say, my office hours are going to be quite spotty these next two weeks!


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