Monday, August 30, 2010


     Am I allowed to swear in a blog?  I have a few choice words rolling around in my brain to describe my feelings about the late blight that has struck nearly all my tomatoes.  I planted all my home grown (from seed) tomatoes in three different places in case there was a chance of blight coming back.  Ha!  In case - she says! Silly girl!
  The enormously prolific tomatoes in lower of the two raised beds are all dead - full to tipping with green tomatoes.  I took some and wrapped them in newspaper, put them in paper bags with a strip of apple peel in order to try to table ripen them.  It may be a lost cause.  The next few plants were in the lower bed - just rototilled from the lawn a couple years ago - this is the one that washed out three different times this summer due to thunder storms.  These are also full of fruit, and so far seemed okay, but upon inspection today do show a few spots - which means they are doomed.  My last chance for home grown tomatoes is the upside down planter hanging from the hops arbor.  I am not impressed with the size of the plant or the amount of fruit, but if it is the only one to survive the blight, I will suffer having silly green bags hanging on the arbor next year as well.   I took no photos since it is far too depressing to share...


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  1. Oh, wow! That sucks! I'm sorry to hear it, Barby... That's how I felt about my zuchinni this year... miserable squash bugs. Can you do a spray with 1 tbsp whole milk, 1 tbsp epsom salts, 1 gallon of water on the plants that still have a chance? Our old gardener Charlie ("I've been doing this since 1946, Mel") says that will help stop the blossom-end-rot stuff... Give it a shot!