Monday, October 4, 2010

More Monday

     I finished up my nine page costume list for Arabian Nights - LOTS of pieces for this show.  I need to do some more drawings.
     Came home from the elementary school where I found I may have added more to my list of responsibilities by saying I would help with the PTO.  The past president, who has been doing it for 4 years - turns out he was only supposed to do it for 2 - pounced upon me when he saw me, telling me how pleased he and the principal were to hear I was willing to participate.  With my child in kindergarten, they are thinking longevity. Why do I think I will be getting more than I bargained for?
     Got home to find my eldest had taken the bus home, since it was raining, and he assumed the cross country team would not have practice.  I drove him to school - we saw no one and he assured me he did not see any of the coaches' cars.  I was supposed to be driving another student home - we did not see her, either.  We drove  to her home and her dad said she was at school - supposed to be getting a ride home (that would be from me!).  Once more, we drove to the HS and saw my daughter coming out of swim practice with her friend - daughter dumped her bags and went to Jazz Band practice, I took friend in the car to drive her home.  A few more minutes and we found the other student we were driving home, and once more we headed down the hill and back to her house, other friend being dropped off first.
    Eldest went to horse back riding with dad, and one more time I drove back to the HS to gather my daughter, and at the last minute, one more of her friends, who had no ride.  I was not thrilled about driving across town from our place to drop her home, but how can you leave a child in the rain??  So a few more miles on the car, a few more trips across town, but everyone is home and I am finally here - sniffing into more Kleenex, taking more cold medicine, and wishing I had had more sleep.
   More tomorrow...
(Did I mention we are getting more rain, too?)

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