Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Madness

   Taking a quick break from the 1930's housedress I am building for  Of Mice and Men.  The collar is being noodgy (nu -djee) and I have had to take it out twice.  It is not difficult - I am just tired and distracted by the usual Monday needs of meeting the school bus, picking up children (mine, not random ones off the street)  or arranging to have someone else pick them up, getting supper, washing enough socks to get everyone through the week and making supper.  Both of the older children have meets tomorrow, so we are carb-loading on spaghetti this evening.  I am not complaining - it is fast, easy and no one will turn their nose up at it.
    Rainy today - the type of day that makes you want to bake bread, but sewing works as well for this type of weather.  I have a really good book that I would rather be reading - called The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  I bought it thinking the title sounded familiar -  I may have heard a review on NPR, but I really just got it on impulse.  So far, (only on page 63), it seems to have promise.
    Okay, I have food in my stomach, so back to that collar.

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