Friday, November 19, 2010

As Promised

    "hey there, hi there, ho there, you're as welcome as can be..."  who else has the old Mickey Mouse Club theme song running through their head this morning??   I must put on some music to drum this out!
    As promised, here are some photos of Arabian Nights.  I did not take these photos - they are better "show shots" than costume shots, but you et an idea of the simple lines and relaxed styles of the costumes.  This was a big show, but I love shopping gorgeous fabrics - linens, silks, brocades in various fibers.    The students did a wonderful job - really committing to this show and making it their own
A view of the set from stage left towards right 

Ishak of Mosul


Sympathy the Learned, Harun al Rashid and the sages

Sympathy the Learned

Shahryar, Scheherezade 

Procession for Abu al Hassan

Wedding dance for Abu al Hassan

The Wonderful Bag

The Contest of Generosity

The Contest of Generosity

The Contest of Generosity


  1. These are really lovely! Thanks for sharing them. :)

  2. @ Lisa and Robb. The audience was really receptive to it. We ended it with sirens and search lights and bomb noises which confused some, but really made a huge impact on others.