Monday, February 7, 2011

Great weekend

   I spend this past weekend at our Girl Scout camp with my Cadette/Senior troop.  The  whole idea was for us to get together and have a relaxed weekend.  There were things we wanted to do, but nothing we HAD to do. It was an intentional break in the stress and pull of their hectic schedules.
    Friday evening we met, and the seven of us crammed into my van along with all our winter gear! We went snowshoeing on Saturday with rain pouring down!  We wouldn't have gotten far without the snowshoes as the snow was still knee deep in the camp. We used the old fashioned type of snow shoe which look like tennis rackets. It was a lot of fun!  I felt like Nanuck of the North heading home to the igloo.
     We had spa night - all the girls and leaders put on coloured  face masks, cucumbers on our eyes, did our nails, etc.  The girls entertained the leaders with another installment of the comedy variety show they create every trip called Comedy Block.  It was very good, if a bit violent! There were crafts and cooking, home made ice cream and, of course, s'mores!
   Sunday morning was icy as all the Saturday rain froze.  Scraping the car was a half hour task.  Two of the girls really wanted to climb the mountain to the old Fire Tower before we left.  I went along, and it was wonderful. We had the mountain all to ourselves. The trees were frosted with the early morning snow.  We wore no snowshoes this time, so of course, breaking the path was very tiring.  We switched off every 50 yards or so.  We made it about half way up the mountain and then turned around.
    Then last night was the Super Bowl, which I must admit, I watched only half heartedly, as I really had no horse in that race.
   Spending time with my troop was really great. What a wonderful bunch of girls!

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  1. I was a girl scout, and then later was a Troop Leader for my daughter for a year or two, before she decided it wasn't for her. Sad! Anyhoo, I remember camping and the all the fun of GS. I even was blessed enough to be chosen for a Wider Opportunity trip to the Sangam World Center in Poona, India.

    What an amazing trip. Girl Scouts rock!