Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is is Friday yet?

  Busy week.  My husband is producing and directing a  reading/workshop of a new play by Eric Gansworth.  Eric is writing it for the Public Theatre in NYC, but we were given permission to do a first read!  To top it off,  my husband managed to get Joanne Shenandoah to read one of the roles. She is a Native American singer, actress, and performer who has been honored with a Grammy award as well as several Nammy awards.  She seems really nice.  I was listening to her music earlier today, and realized there is a huge amount of Native American music recorded, yet I never knew it. The reading is tonight, so hopefully, by Saturday things will calm down.
   We had the first full production meeting for our Spring show, BIG LOVE, and that will be challenging.  The playwright has written in the deaths of 49 bridegrooms, someone throwing saw blades around the stage and MANY dishes breaking - can you say "messy" ???
   Now, I love winter, but things might be a little easier around here if the cold that is gripping us would let up so I can get some of the ice off the driveway from last weekend.  I ordered my seeds for the vegetable garden, so I am at least optimistic that Spring will come!  The cucumber trellis arrived the other day.  Every little step towards garden time is a good one.  In the mean time, I need to get my ice skates out - in some places the pond ice is a good 10 inches thick, and the park's skating rinks must certainly be open for business.
    Stay warm.  Bake bread.  Make stew. Cuddle. 

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