Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Listening to a news article on modern discoveries from shipwrecks. I am scared out of my mind at the thought of diving with sharks, but I would love to scuba dive in a wrecked ship.

Peas, beets (three types), lettuce and carrots are in.  Squashes, shallots, tomatillos and peppers are all growing in small pots in the basement.  Warmth... PLEASE!

If I ever change careers, archeology would be a possible choice.

I loved the book, Water for Elephants so much that I am leery of seeing the film version - thoughts?

My basement and backyard are flooding - not a lot, but enough to be a royal pain in the tush.

Going on a field trip with the kindergarten class on Friday to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary.  I hope it is dry.

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