Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

   Well, we put up several jugs of water, a few buckets of water for flushing toilets, and filled the tub as a back up.  We are NOT in the hurricane zone - really.  We are on the outer edges which are getting "some tropical storm winds and rain."  We have to be prepared this way because of our gorgeous trees. Our yard is full of them, and the day we do not prepare is the day one will crack and part will fall on the roof or the wires and knock out the power.  Living in our town means we are on a well, and the water pump works with electricity, so you can see the potential need for a water stockpile.
   So far, so good.  It is noon-ish and we have power.  We are getting some basement flooding, but that is par for the course around here.
    As I look out the window, I see two bedraggled sparrows hanging out in the bird feeder, trying to get out of the wet.  Many other birds have not been that smart!
   Been looking at photos of coastal areas where we have family and friends, and have been calling and emailing to keep checking.  So far, all who needed to evacuate have done so, and everyone is fine.  I keep thinking how good this rain is for our trees, as we have not had a lot of steady rain this summer - just violent and fast storms that come and go quickly.  Of course, family in Maryland and Delaware may think I am a bit odd saying that, but we are not in a flood here. (Nearby towns are - part of Margaretville is floating!)
   Then, across the country, my sister and brother-in-law are dealing with Yosemite and the environs burning as the fire rages there.  I wish I could send them some of this rain.
   Not a very cohesive post today as my thoughts are in several places at once.  Hoping you are all safe - regardless of where you are.

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