Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No Time!

   The end of summer is notoriously busy - the garden  goes insane with final vegetables needing freezing or canning.  Classes start, the kids have NOT started, so we juggle keeping them busy while we a re crazy busy ourselves.  The term, I have added a tap class.  We had the first one today, and there are 4 of us who have no experience and about 8 who have danced for 14-15 years...lots of work to do in this class, but I am really looking forward to it.  I even have to do a research paper again!  I have missed school as a student!
   Still plugging away at Cabaret.  Everyone is so nice, but, it is eating up a lot of time.  I am worried about what I will be wearing - I really am a bit thick in the middle for sequins - but that seems to be the fabric of choice for Sally's costumes - oh well.
   Have to get to a dept. meeting.

Just wanted you to know I am  not dead, just busy!

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