Tuesday, August 9, 2011


  Recently we went down to our old stomping grounds in Southern Maryland to celebrate a 50th birthday with a few dear friends.  It was lovely.  Southern Maryland is not known for its hospitable weather in August.  Usually it is blazing hot and the humidity is so thick you must cut the air in order to pass through it.  However, Saturday was only in the low 80s, and the humidity, while present, was not wilting.  A light breeze kept the  air moving and the mosquitos away, and generally it was a lovely day.
    Prior to the party we drove around and saw the college where both my husband and I were undergrads and where I taught for five years. We drove past our old house, which used to be one of four houses on a dirt road.  Well, some things change.  Our old house ( an ugly split foyer with no real curb appeal) now sits on a paved road and is surrounded by  a couple dozen McMansions where once it was surrounded by forest...so sad.
    We went down to Point Lookout and the children played in the surf, picked up shells, and generally had a fabulous time getting soaking wet - pictures are forthcoming - they are in the camera which is still with them.
    Sunday we split up - my husband and the two youngest are still in MD in Ocean City, visiting family, and will be doing some more traveling around the state before heading north.  My mom, and my eldest went to CT so he could have his special week with his grandmother. I had to get back here for rehearsals.
    I have the house to myself - well, the animals and I do.  I have a million projects I hope to get completed, but I also have to learn my lines - so I  have to get a bit more organized than I was today.  Because, really, there is no excuse not to get all my lines for the show memorized.
    We just started rehearsals for Cabaret, and the trickiest part for me, thus far, is getting the German memorized.  I took French!

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