Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seasons end

   Really - we are ending all sorts of seasons around here!   Yesterday was the last race of my son's Cross Country season - he ran his personal best time.  Only the States are left, but just one guy from his team qualified for that.
   Tonight is the Women's Varsity Swim Team  banquet.  My daughter still has State qualifiers to swim in  - or perhaps it is the All Conference meet - I get confused!
   We have ended autumn rather abruptly.  Two days ago we got a strong dusting of snow, and last night an inch or two.  There are still leaves on the trees, so I am glad we did not get the 8 inches some of my students had said we were in for!
     Lest you think the 52 Project has ended just because I am in tech, fear not.  With the Halloween tomorrow, I have been taking a bus man's holiday each evening and making a peregrine falcon costume for my youngest son.  In doing so I have used up a couple yards of black felt, as well as a big chunk of  a hairy knit fabric, which I had bought because I loved the texture. I had intended to make a sweater-y jacket for myself, but when I got it home I realized I did not really need to wear something that made me look like a mutt from the pound!  Photos when I get batteries for the camera!

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