Thursday, October 20, 2011

My World, and Welcome To It!

   When we are in tech week for shows, all bets are off - laundry gets washed and dried, but piles up in the baskets.  The  dishes get done, but usually not right away.  The rug is not vacuumed.  This is just the way it is when you leave first thing in the morning and don't get home for more than half an hour before you leave again and  return around midnight.  Welcome to life in a double theatre-artist home.
   Do not ask me what our excuse is this week...   Tech does not start for another week and yet the house is a wreck.  We have consumed take out food and pizza this week, and had the great time saving "breakfast for dinner" option. Do not go in the laundry room, you may not come out.  The possibility of a clean clothing avalanche is very real!
    It has been a trickier week as we navigate the kids' schedules with the addition of our daughter's dress rehearsals for the high school play.  Can you say Insanity?  I can.
    Last night, to top things off, my husband opened the refrigerator  to get something and this happened.

It is black cherry yogurt... on the ceiling.  As he opened the door, the container fell and must have hit the floor squarely on the container bottom.  The foil lid burst, and a geyser of pink flew up to decorate the unsullied white above.   He started to curse.  I started to laugh.  After all, when you have pink goo threatening to drip on your husband's head, what else should you do?  Aside from hand him a wet towel, of course.

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  1. Impressive!

    We had one of our "imaginary friends" (people we only know online) over for the first time, and we managed to drop yogurt out of the fridge. We did not achieve the heights that you guys did. Well done!