Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week # 1 of The 52 Project


   Well, I never said they had to be beautiful... I whipped up a pair of pajama pants for my son tonight. They are flannel and very soft - and extra baggy.  Of course, the rise is cut so he can wear them around his waist, but he only wears pants just above his hips, so the seat bags a bit - but, "Done is Good!"
    The score is now pj drawer: +1, basement bins: - 1 and counting.  I have cut another pair of pajamas - this set is a full sleeper, but with no feet - my son's feet are always hot at night.  He also prefers I not put elastic at the  cuff or ankles so he can push the legs and sleeves up if he gets warm. If I can keep this up, I may actually use fabrics in the season they were intended for!  What a concept!
   Bon nuit, mes amis.


  1. I LOVE this 52 project idea, and I'm glad you're journaling it. How fun, what a neat challenge... I don't often get on my computer these days, but I do read all your blogs on the iphone, it's just not as easy to send hellos & words of encouragement. :)

  2. Thanks Mel. This project came out of desperation - I thought that if I make it public, I might actually stick to the idea. Here's hoping!