Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall and 52

   This morning was gorgeous - sunny, breezy, and then this afternoon it all changed.  It is raw and rainy and windy in earnest.  The perfect day for making cookies and sewing.  I finished another pair of pj's for my youngest - he is sorely in need of them after growing several inches over the past year.  These go back to his perennial favorite pattern choice; a jumpsuit style but with no feet, nor any elastics at the ankles or wrists.  And of course, in a dinosaur fabric.

so solemn

Better than a Lacoste alligator in his opinion!

      So I have week 2 of the 52 project taken care of - although I see some fabric donations in the offing soon, as I have the  right fabric for my show sitting in a bin in my  basement.

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