Tuesday, January 31, 2012

counter 1 done (ish)

   Due to numerous little reasons, we returned the marble tiles and have  set Italian porcelain tile  in the counter instead.  We went from this:

to this:

It is darker than the original but much more solid and will probably take the bangs and knocks of  our family better than the marble would have. 

   The counter is now usable - we still want to get two or three more coats of the Minwax on it, but we can do that  and still use the counter for eating, the morning lunch-box filling, etc.  A quick photo journal of the rest of the process.  Next we tear out the countertop between the sink and stove to do this same surface treatment there (that one should be a real joy!) and finally we will get the last two smaller counter sections.  When all that is done, we will do the flooring - which was how this entire project began!
Wearing a rain poncho to protect him from the spray of the tile saw.


Hard to see, but the Made in Italy stamp was done so it is backwards


Grouting is NOT our favorite job

Nearly done.  A few more sandings and coats of varnish and we are good to go

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