Friday, January 20, 2012

getting the counter in

   With just a few days before classes start, a fundraising gala to attend, and various children's activities to watch, taxi  kids to, etc, we are getting the counter in.

We bought a cabinet.
After several tests, my husband found the stain which matches the current cabinets the best.  
When pulling off the current counter top, we discovered that the kitchen was a custom job, so the measurements are a little off from the current standards.  This has made leveling the plywood and backer board a trick.  We are finding the need for  measurements like 9/32 of an inch.  Standard measurements need not apply. 

It is a family project with everyone helping in one form or another.  Because of the archway between the nook and the  main kitchen (the nook was an extension added by previous owners) my husband put in a 6 bottle wine rack/cubby to fill the space. 

you can see the various stain color tests
After much cursing and several  trips to the lumber store for various  supplies, we are almost ready for the tile to go in. 
The  backer board is cut.  The backsplash from behind the stove  as been removed.  We may actually get tile on this weekend.  I have tried to photograph the tile, but it looks muddy.  It is not flashy - sort of a soft, rosy beige with brown, gold, white and pink veining.  The photo just looks tan and brown.  Oh well. 
Cutting and fitting the marble is going to be the trickiest part.  There are weaknesses in marble along some of the veins, so we are expecting some unexpected cracks.  Keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck!

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