Thursday, August 9, 2012


   After the loss of our Meg, we were determined a new dog was still going to join our household.  last night, with the encouragement of Meg's foster care person, we went and met many puppies. 6 or 7  with varying shades of labrador retriever in them.  There was one we thought we were serious about from looking at her on the website, and a different one entirely who came home.
     Libby is the new friend of the four - footed variety.  She is tinier than Meg - more terrier for certain.  She is bright and quick and wants to be on your lap or at your feet.  She has a terrier mouth - sharper than Meg's, but she is a dear.  The children are very happy to have her here, but I can see a slight hesitation, a caution in the way they approach her, I am guessing because of the circumstances of last week, and because she is so similar to Meg in coloring that we are still stuttering a little when we call her - "Meh...Libby"
    Here are a couple of photos for you to compare:

Libby with Alex
Meg sleeping during the Olympics

Meg liked to sleep under my spinning wheel - usually when I was spinning!

Libby prefers to be under my feet at the computer
   I must admit that last night, there was another sweet puppy I really wanted to bring home.  Drew and I actually looked at each other and asked if we were thinking the same thing.  This puppy was a male who had lab in him, but something else - something big!  He had large puppy paws and a fuzzy coat,  and if we had not also been looking at his sibling, we would have sworn he was  Newfoundland.  he was very steady tempered and mild and tolerant of being picked up  over a dozen times.  He was my choice - but it is not about me. 
    For now we are making this little one feel at home. 

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