Monday, August 6, 2012

Goodnight sweet Meg, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest

   Sad news.  Meg, the sweet puppy we all fell in love with, died on Friday. We all miss her very much.  She was only a member of the family for 2 weeks, and yet she wrapped herself around our hearts.
   Her death was a freak accident. No one's fault. No reason. She fell down the stairs and broke her neck, so at least it was fast and with no pain.
    As much as it may seem insensitive, we are going to look for another puppy this week.  Our daughter feels this may be too soon, but we will not know until we see how we handle being near other puppies. In some ways it feels right to  find another little one to fill the void.
    It feels  much worse than any other dog I have ever lost (and there have always been dogs in my life) because of the abruptness and unexpectedness of the accident.
sigh...time will heal and a new furry member of the family may  help that. 

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