Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meet Annie

   I know there are many who will think we are crazy.  They may be right.  Today we adopted another puppy from the rescue where we got Libby.  So we are now a three dog family.  Two of them puppies. Libby really needed a playmate, and Tasha (our 12 year old dog) really needed a break from Libby trying to get her to play by climbing on her, nipping her, etc...
   Annie is larger - possible black lab with shepherd.


 Her paws are not dainty.  She is solid, and pretty unflappable so far.  She has only been here a few hours, and she has had to put up with Libby chewing on her ears at any opportunity.  She is very mellow, so far.  She has a nice soft mouth, and we are hoping she will be a water dog.
    All three of our dogs are snugglers, wanting to be on or near someone.

    It has been a busy day for both puppies as we took Libby with us this morning to get Annie.  Both did well in the car -  a good thing,  since we travel often.  After several hours of wrestling, then relaxing and then doing it again, they have finally conked out.
Libby on her back, Annie on her stomach.
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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