Monday, September 3, 2012


* Autumn comes early in upstate NY.  Leaves are already changing on some trees, and while drinking my coffee on the patio this morning I watched the leaves from the neighbor's birch trees flutter down.

*Few things are funnier than watching a puppy discover a Daddy-Long-Legs for the first time.  Pounce - she grabs it in her mouth. She drops it.  It starts to walk away, she grabs it again. She drops it.  After several  catches, she loses track of it.  She searches the patio, the grass - only to discover she is standing on it.  Now that it looks like a supine lentil with legs, it is no longer interesting.

*Television has too many channels.

*Our cat is not a dog person.

*I could never run a dog rescue.  I would never want to let any of the dogs be adopted.

*I want to have a party. Summer  may be on the way out, but a nice evening fire and some friends is always a good thing!

*Sometime stubbornness can work to your advantage.  My son is afraid of the dark.  He went upstairs to grab his blanket but his ceiling fan/light was set to just fan.  He came back down without the blanket.  When asked where his blanket was, he said, "It was dark." Then he set forth again, and we could see him pushing himself, determined to do this - to conquer the fear and get the blanket.  Kind of neat to watch the growth as it occurred.

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  1. I'm glad fall is here. It's not just you - we've had sycamore leaves starting to turn already, and seen some leaves fluttering. But I blame the drought. :(