Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new beginnings

   This is a new year, and I may or may not be more consistent in the writing of this blog.  It gets thin or non-existent when life gets very busy, so I did very little once the holidays started. I hope yours went well - ours were busy, filled with family, saddened by the violence in Newtown, CT which is the town next door to where I grew up and where my family lives.  We said good-bye to some friends who died of natural causes, and got the great news that a younger cousin is engaged.
   We are starting the year with a few more rules in the house regarding electronics - the hand-held type especially.  I get very tired of looking at the top of my daughter's head as she  glues her eyes to her phone/iPod, or starts texting in the middle of a conversation she is verbally having with me.  My husband saw this article and edited it for our daughter.  I liked it a lot!
   Hoping you are enjoying a wonderful New Year's day - we are having a snowy, reading, relaxing kind of day before starting into the bustle of the 2013 obligations on our time.

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