Monday, January 7, 2013

Playing in the Snow on a Winter's Day

   This is going to be a good winter.  The Almanac said so.  The snow is already proving it.  We had snow before Christmas.  The children were able to go sledding over their vacation (and we have the perfect sled run in our back yard).  More importantly, they actually want to go out in it to play.

He was ready to go in and did not want to smile!
    You may think that is not unusual, but I am finding the more technology takes over their lives, the more I have to cajole and sometime force my kids to go outside to play.  But yesterday was perfect.  Snow on the ground - a touch wet, so it was perfect for packing.  The sleds were fast. The fort was coming together,

 and the stream at the bottom of the ravine was running, making interesting shapes in the snow.
my son is the dark form to the right of the stream

 After church I made all three of my children go outside. 

 When they came in they were rosy-cheeked, 


 tired and had enjoyed each other's company!  
Ah, the miracle of snow!

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