Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sewing backwards

     I have to admit that I have a sewing machine problem.  I own 5 and would never dream of getting rid of any of them, as they all have certain qualities that make them useful.  My first one, a Kenmore,  is a workhorse that has never given me any problems and can sew through nearly anything. My second one, an Elna,  does button holes better than any other.  I have a 1889 treadle machine that I actually used when we had a power outage during tech week and I still had costumes to build.  I dragged it out of the cave darkness of my costume shop and into the hallway with its floor to ceiling windows, and stitched on.
    A couple weeks ago I opened up the machine my husband's grandmother had.  It is a 1948 Singer with a table.  I  had the table/machine folded up and was using it to stack laundry on in the basement.  I decided that this year, any sewn gifts were coming off of that machine.  I am so glad I did. It is so smooth!  It only does straight stitching, but has all the accessories it came with, as well as the original instruction manual!
   So this season, the Bernina is staying in its case, and Gran's Singer is doing the work.  Who knows, maybe next year, I'll do it all on the treadle.  Or maybe not....

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