Friday, December 13, 2013

The Hopeful Farmer # 6

Snowy and his girls
I am learning things as we enter into what looks to be a long, cold winter.

1.   Even if the chicken coop is in the barn for the winter, the water  will freeze.  So we got a heater for the water.
2. The chickens are not as ready to leave the coop to go into the run when it is below freezing as they are when it is warmer. Infrared heat lamps are good.
3. Chicken poop freezes into  oddly sculptural, yet seemingly permanent shape when nights are in the teens and single digits.  Tried to clean the run this morning - nothing moved! So we will have a dirty run until things warm up a bit.
4. Chickens will eat nearly everything - they have a great love for left over salad greens,  yoghurt, stale bread, and adore peanut butter and jelly sandwich left overs.

Snowy, our unexpected, loud, and over sexed rooster.

1 comment:

  1. We're not allowed to have roosters in the SF Bay Area. This is just as well, because of all the noise and oversexed business.

    Our hens are actually picky eaters. or more accurately, they think any new food is a TRAP, and something to be avoided. Silly hens.