Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3

   It is the third of May, and we are finally witnessing some greening on the trees. The past few days have seen the trees go from budded to tiny leaves.  At last.  Other signs of Spring: the bee have really started working - both hives made it through the winter,  the dogs (who truly think they are cats) have dug out and disposed of two shrews, the daffodils and muscari are in flower, and the garter snakes have emerged from their hibernaculum.  the frog ponds on the farm are filled with eggs, and the peepers were out last night.
    On a less Natural note, all the neighbors are out with their mowers.  There is not that much to mow, but it feels like the right time to begin trimming the lawn. The week of on again, off again, rain has probably helped a lot in turning the seasons away from winter and heading towards warmth.
    At one of my alma maters, the first of May is celebrated  with a naked parade of sorts.  It used to be just a few crazies went bike riding nude across campus, as public safety followed them in cars, waiting to hand out tickets when the ride was over.  Now, it is  more organized  and more revealing by far. Here is the article on this year's romp. May Day

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