Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Forward

     Having closed Carousel and gotten my last few items from the costume shop; having taken a few days to find myself sort of depressed that it was all over because this was such a wonderful group of people to work with; having caught up on some sleep and nearly caught up on grading,  I am moving on to the next projects.
     At the University, we have  exams, grading, the lunch Drew and I throw for our department's graduating seniors and faculty, and graduation itself.  I usually do not go to graduation, but this year, I am considering it.  I love this senior class - there are some truly special people in it, and I want to share in their achievement, but I am not good at letting go.   I will miss them terribly.  Some classes are just exceptional, and this is one of them. 
     At the high school, we are getting into the Spring club and team  appreciations for Seniors, awards, etc.  Last night  was the Choir's  fundraising ice cream social with student entertainments.  My daughter and her boyfriend sang a sweet duet, Falling Slowly, from Once, and it was lovely.  Tonight is Drama Club  awards night,  next week the Track Team's Senior Appreciations.  BUSY times!
     My summer season begins with Unnecessary Farce at Chenango River Theatre in Greene, NY.  We have 2 1/2 weeks from the time the actors arrive to the opening.  A crazy schedule, but it works.  Ah, the joys of summer stock!
Right after this closes, I start on the next show,  and we have the arrival of the lambs to the farm, which means we have a lot of barn prep to do.  
     Most importantly, however, is the big day.       Our eldest son graduates from high school.  This is a big day in any family, but for us, for Alex, this will be a major event.  From the time he was diagnosed with autism, we were told how this or that might not happen, how he was not doing this, or meeting standards in that. The head of Special Education at our current school system told us during a transition meeting between middle School and high school to expect Alex to need five years to graduate. I was livid - how dare he make a call like that without even knowing my son!  With a lot of hard work, with support from so many people: friends, family, teachers, LTAs, coaches, team mates, class mates, and some very special principals, Alex will be graduating in four years.  And this past marking period he was on the Honor Roll. And he has been a member of the Cross Country and Track teams for all four years.  Five years - poo!  To give the devil his due, I must say, that at our last meeting - the exit meeting, the Sp.Ed. director did admit that he was wrong, and was happy to be so! We have a plan in place to help Alex navigate the crowded auditorium without  too much stress as well as the clapping and speeches.  Again, with them help of some wonderful support people, he may be able to pull this off!
      Now, I need to sign off and get back to my sewing machine - oh, did I forget to mentions the two prom dresses I am building?  Just another thing to add to the list!

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