Monday, January 25, 2016

Massage and a Float: We Tried to Relax...

    For Christmas, my husband and children gave me/us an overnight at a B&B along with a massage and float session at a spa in New Paltz, NY.  We went  on a Monday/Tuesday, so we avoided the weekend crowds at the B&B.  Overall, it was lovely.
     We started at Mountain Float Spa  and discovered what lovely people Joey and Grace (the proprietors) are.  My husband had floated years ago while training in Southern California,  but I had not. He scheduled himself for a 90 minute float, and me for a 60 minute float and a 60 minute massage.  He thought I might actually be able to relax and turn off a bit if I were floating in water mixed with 800 lbs. of Epsom Salt.  Apparently not.
     The float tank was nice, but I spent too  much time analyzing the experience.  I could have used slightly warmer water and air temperatures, and maybe no earplugs.  Maybe if I had an audiobook to listen to at the same time...  Too much to think about.  After rinsing off all the salt, I went to the massage - an hour of pure bliss.  For me a massage is the only way to truly relax.  I told the massage therapist that I was mainly holding tension in the triangle of my neck and shoulders.  When she had completed the session, I thanked her and told her I felt much better, and she looked at me and said, "You don't just hold tension in your shoulders.  You are really tense all over."  I thought it was funny, as that is what my husband is always telling me, and now there was professional confirmation.
     Back at the B&B, The 1850 House, we discovered we were the only patrons, so we had the place to ourselves, and our own private chef for the morning.  The  place was gorgeous, completely restored, with beautiful original woodwork, statuary, a sun porch, and a wonderful staff.

I adore that statue!
   After a fabulous meal the next morning, we wandered around trying to find the entrance to the path leading to the old trestle which was now part of a walking path.  We found one end, but no parking anywhere nearby, so we opted on exploring a park in town.  We hiked up a mountain and  got shot from above the bridge, and after our trek, drove out of town and as we were leaving, saw the entrance to the path...

We found an old car that had been dumped - but for the life of me, we could not figure out how it got to the place it lay.  We poked about, playing amateur archeologists, trying to find markings to determine what make the car was, but no success.  It's a mystery!


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