Monday, February 15, 2016

Winter in a Weekend

    You might say winter finally tried to find us this weekend.  No real snow to speak of, but an Arctic Clipper out of Canada descended making Friday, Saturday, and Sunday pretty darn cold.  We were in the teens to twenties below zero Saturday night.   In my experience, cold, after a certain temperature, is just cold.  Whether it is 15 below or 25 below, it is just too cold for normal functioning.  You have to put on several layers of clothing and outerwear, and just get chores done  efficiently.  Or try to. We have discovered that after a certain point, even the electric heated buckets in the barn will ice over. Last night, it was still about 0 - 5 below when we did evening chores, and I noticed that the heated buckets had started icing within a few minutes of the new water being poured in.  Hmm...  Three eggs were frozen and cracked in the  nesting boxes yesterday morning, meaning some lucky raccoon would find where my husband pitched them into the pasture and have a nice feast.
     All this will end today, as it reaches for 23 degrees, and tomorrow when it is supposed to hit the forties and  give us rain.   So, this warm, un-snowy winter, tried to show its face for a moment, but now we are back to just wishing for the winter that never was.

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