Monday, January 25, 2010

The Eagles Have Landed

   Yesterday my daughter was curious as to why a lady had parked her truck in front of our house and seemed to be taking pictures of our neighbor's lawn. Soon, more and more cars started pulling off the road and folks were getting out and staring - so out we went, clad in pajamas, winter coats and snow boots.  Our neighbor across the street has a several acre wide front "lawn" and on it were two bald eagles standing on the ground eating carrion. I had seen at least one eagle flying over the river in the autumn, but had never seen the two together until this viewing.  They are magnificent - and they calmly posed for all the photos and stayed put for nearly twenty minutes before flying off to the trees. A special treat for everyone.

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  1. Very cool - I've added your blog to my google reader, so I'll see any updates. Hurrah! :)

    Mel Bratz