Saturday, January 23, 2010

How much do I love the film Out of Africa?

     10:45 last night, my husband was channel surfing and saw that Out of Africa was on.  This is my favorite film - truly Sidney Pollack's masterpiece. Gorgeous cinematography, great locations, and the acting -Klaus Maria Brandauer,  Robert Redford - both turning in wonderful performances, and Michael Kitchen - superb. Then, there is Meryl Streep in what I believe to be her finest role.  As the film progressed, I felt myself drifting towards sleep and my quotable quote was, "If I fall asleep, pinch me. I love this movie more than sleep."  Twice he did have to prod me awake, but since I can quote most of the movie along with the actors, I wasn't too put out with myself.
     Did I mention how gorgeous the costumes are?  And the animal work? Sheer beauty.

Enough. I still have costumes for the opera to finish. Good night.

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