Monday, February 15, 2010

Expect the unexpected

     The lack of posts is due to a bit of soul - icing news.  My dear mother-in-law, Betsy Kahl, passed away last weekend.  It was completely unexpected - she was reading in bed and apparently just fell back and her neighbors found her after a day and a half.  This was during the first big snowstorm in the mid-Atlantic, and after having seen her once Saturday afternoon, no one saw her for a day and she did not answer her calls.  This would not have been so odd if there had not been 3 feet of now on the ground.
    We are all still coming to grips with this great loss. I keep thinking about little things I will miss - sitting around the breakfast table with all the adults reading different sections of the paper, or talking far into the night about theatre, politics or other things - rarely gossip or small things.  She was very well read - as  a matter of fact, she was reading the copy of Eat, Pray, Love we'd given her for Christmas when she passed away.
    I was very lucky to have had her in my life for over twenty years.  I have heard so many women talk about the neutral or negative relationships they have with their mothers-in-law.  I was blessed not only to have gotten along with my mother-in-law, but to have her as a close friend.  I will miss her dearly.
     Thanks to everyone who has been so considerate and helpful during this time of sadness. Every prayer and kind word means a great deal to us.
      Treasure your loved ones and don't forget to call your mother.


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