Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knee deep in rubber bats

    We are currently doing Bat Boy: the Musical at our college.This is based on, or rather, inspired by the Weekly World News story about a bat boy living in WV.  The picture above ran along with the article.  Totally tongue in cheek, it is a lot of fun.
     I am designing the costumes and am finding that the scenes which are the shortest are requiring the most work.  Example: a two minute song called Children, Children is becoming a HUGE animal body puppet number with an owl, a squirrel, a lynx, some butterflies, a deer, a bear, a wolf, and - I kid you not - a moose.  Our scenic designer has taken these over by turning their construction into a workshop on this type of puppet/costume. She is marvelous with this type of thing, and the students are getting a lot out of it. 
    Second example:  A scene in which a character is recalling her rape by a flock of bats (don't ask, just come see the show) and I must create a bat covered dress which she can slip into by running behind a rock and then running back on.  She runs around in it and screams, and runs off.  For this I am ordering 50, count 'em, 50 rubber bats in two different sizes. 
    Finding bats this time of year is tricky.  Most on-line dealers are out of stock - why should they carry dozens of bats when it is Easter Bunny time?? I do not blame them.  Finally, after hours of searching, a link lead to a link which lead to a link and I found them.  So patronize Century Novelty.com in MI if you are in the market for off season bats!

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