Sunday, March 21, 2010


      My eldest son turned 14 yesterday.  Birthdays are always a cause for me to look back and wonder at the speed at which time moves.  When I was 14, time never seemed to move swiftly enough.  These days I cannot keep track of where a day, month or year went as time quickly races past.It really doesn't feel that long ago that he was my chubby, happy 10lb baby who loved the Winnie the Pooh theme song, to bounce up and down, and to be outside when it was windy!  Today he listens to Nickelback, jumps off the stairs from four steps up, and loves to outside in any weather. I guess things haven't really changed, just the scale of them has!
     At our house, you get to choose what you want to eat for your birthday dinner.  We had McDonald's food and brownies to celebrate this natal day. I may be feeling the effects for a week to come, but he really liked it. It was another unexpectedly gorgeous day, so we all spent a lot of time outside.  As part of his birthday treat, our new 14 year old went to the bowling alley with daddy and bowled  a few games and played pool.  Pretty cool.

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