Friday, March 19, 2010

Asperger's Syndrome or is it high functioning autism??

Things that can be good about autism

We never need another address book because our son knows everyone's address by heart

My son has a truly photographic memory - seeing the whole page or picture in his head.

My son's autism forces me to see the world differently - more literally, more comparatively

I know if I make chicken nuggets they will always be eaten

Obsessions which lead to knowledge: learning about every bird in the Audubon books, remembering every word Steve Irwin ever said, teaching me about baseball statistics, knowing the name of every dog within a two mile radius of home!

Things that stink about autism: 

Melt Downs - no two ways about it, these are the worst.  Especially the self-injurious ones which spiral from yelling, to swearing, to hitting himself, to hitting his sister, to hitting me

My son's great desire to be on a team (good) but his inability to cope with the stress and confusion of meets or invitationals

The abject fear that occurs when new things happen, or  are anticipated. 

The complete obsession with how much homework might be assigned getting in the way of school work and participation in class

Never knowing if ANYONE will say yes to a birthday invitation - last year only two did

Watching his world grow smaller and tighter and not knowing what to do to stop this

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