Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garden thoughts

Planning the garden and waiting for the seeds. The seed companies assure me they are on their way.  Each year I like trying something new to me and this year is no exception.  I am  planting buckwheat.  I have  several reasons for this crop. First, I have to find things to hold some of our soil on the cliff which was created during the flood of 2006 when we watched 5 trees and about 30 feet by 12 feet of back yard wash out to the Susquehanna River.  I need roots!  I am also planting this for the bees, who find it good for pollen.  If I can figure out the way to hull it between now and harvest time, I will also use it for bread making! I have several books and it is time to start researching methods.

      The next new plant will be cotton.  Yes, I know, this is not the South and I have a very short growing season.  However, the seeds are on the way and I plan to start them in deep milk cartons.  When transplanting them, I am hoping there will be less shock with all the extra soil around the roots. I have never seen cotton growing and I really want to!  I also think it will be very cool to show the children how the clothes they wear start out!
     The two types I am planting do not need a really long growing season - 150 and 160 days.  The Sea Island Brown is an heirloom seed and I can't wait to see it's colour.  I am also planting Erlene's Green - this is also a slightly shorter season cotton and it is green!! I was under the impression that cotton is all white - what can I say? I am a Yankee born and bred.  We know more about pumpkins than cotton! I got these from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - they have many heirloom seeds and typically "southern" crops - many of which will do fine up north, if started indoors. I will also be planting this on the cliff - again - it is all about the roots!  There is also a good deal of sunshine there - since most of the competing trees were washed away!
     I am planting one more new thing, but this is slightly more "normal" for the garden.  I am trying pineapple tomatillos.  If anyone has good recipes to pass along, please do.   The rest of the garden will be the old stand by plants that I know the kids will eat - zucchini, carrots, two kinds of beans, peppers, lettuce, cukes and a variety of herbs.  Now if only it would stay warm!

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