Sunday, June 27, 2010

blech, and may I say, blech, again

    I do not like humidity.  Not that I hear a lot of other people running around saying - "Oh, humid weather?  Sign me up!"  I do not mind the frizzy hair - although it is not lovely to see, but the constant sticky, I need a shower feeling is nasty!
     Hubby heads to his mom's place again this week to finish (we hope) cleaning it out.  Possible buyers are niggling around with the price.  I don't understand why a person can't say - this is my price.  This is it.  You pay this I give you that.  So right now there are discussions of taxes and fees and all the other fal dee rol that goes with selling/buying a house.  sigh...
     I want to take the boys to the pool for an hour or two.  A couple things give me pause - one: the men's dressing room.  My 14 year old has high functioning autism. This means he is more than capable of walking through the men's dressing room to the pool.  But sometime, somewhere between the entrance to one and the entrance to the other he gets lost.  I have had to send life guards into find out what he is doing.  It was a lot easier when he could walk though the ladies dressing room.
    The other thing is the possible thunderstorms today.  As luck would have it, most times we went to the pool last year, if there was a chance of storms, we arrived a few minutes before they did!  And now the clouds are rolling in...
    When all are in bed tonight, I may get more spinning done.   I have been focussing on wax today - I set up the most basic of solar wax melters, credited to Paul from New Zealand (I think).  Just a styrofoam cooler box, a plastic dish with a bit of water in it covered with a paper towel.  The wax to be melted is put on top of the paper towel and the slum gum is filtered off as the clean wax drips through into the dish below.   A piece of clear plexiglass on top allows the sun in and hold the heat.  When I get a minute I will paint the inside black to help with heat absorption since our area is not overly hot in the summer.  For now, however, a bit of aluminum foil will have to help.


  1. I'm curious & confused by the wax melter - bees wax? Some other kind of wax? I'm so glad the wheel is working for you - did you get the stickiness/lack of smoothness problem worked out?

  2. How funny - you & my friends Lisa & Robb ( were doing the same thing.

    I understand the process now, but what do you do with the wax afterwards?

  3. I will be dipping candles with it, but you can do whatever you like. I have a good recipe for lip balm with bees wax - may try that.