Saturday, July 3, 2010

Things to do today

   Summer is the time of relaxation - no teaching.  However, so many things need to be or want to be done now. It makes for busy days.
On today's agenda we have:

  1. make blackberry currant jam
  2. bake bread
  3. kiss the children
  4. clean living room
  5. grocery shop
  6. water and weed gardens
  7. sew  youngest son's new shorts
  8. sew daughter's skirt
  9. lang laundry outside
  10. put boxes in attic
  11. go for a drive to see if the blueberries are ripe at the local blueberry farm
  12. get ice cream on the way home from aforementioned blueberry farm
  13. make dinner (with bread and jam to go with it)
  14. welcome home hubby after a week away

    Tomorrow I have to do some of the same things - laundry never ends, does it?  The big ones for tomorrow are:

  1. tend to the bee hives
  2. mow the lawn
  3. take the kids swimming
  4. pick more blackberries
  5. unpack the van which will be full of things from my mother-in-law's place
  6. kiss hubby
  7. kiss children
  8. watch fireworks
  9. recognize the work that goes into giving me the  freedom to do these things I like (and don't like) in this wonderful country I am privileged and blessed to live in 

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