Friday, July 9, 2010

Autism woes - or is it puberty?

   Tonight we had another blow up.  I thought we might make it through the entire night without anyone yelling foul obscenities or hitting anyone - but I am silly to dream like that!  Our eldest feels the need to interject himself into any disagreement (or perceived disagreement) between his two younger siblings.  Now tonight it wasn't even an argument.   My daughter had a water gun and the younger son wanted to know if he could have it.  She said no, he said okay he'd get the other one and our eldest decided this was a place for hitting so he pounded his sister's shoulder.  She, being armed, squirted him with  the gun and all Hell broke loose!  The profanity that came out of my eldest's mouth and the venom with which he says it are stunning.  Thank God our neighbors are tolerant (and one set is on vacation) or we'd have the police out here on a weekly basis!
    And people wonder why we do not entertain more often, nor travel for vacations anymore...

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