Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day and beyond

     Fourth of July weekend plans were made - and unmade.  I had expected one of my sisters to visit - she hasn't been up to my house in nearly 2 years - but her pipes started to leak Friday evening, so no go.  We just ate the salads and such ourselves.  However, the chance to slow down a little was also nixed.  When there are "other" folks at the house, we actually tend to slow down a little and socialize - but instead we spent most of the time building bookshelves and unpacking five more boxes of books from my mother-in-law's house. You can never have too many books - well - I used to think this, but I may be on the verge of changing my mind!
    Because I am stubborn, and because I think stopping to celebrate - even a little  - is important, we made a couple of the salads we usually don't bother with except for get - togethers, and my daughter made a cake.  It was yummy and very patriotic, if not (as she noted) historically accurate!

   Had my last spinning class yesterday.  We dyed the yarns we had plied two weeks earlier.  I was aiming for olive green, but it went more dull green - needed a bit more yellow, I think, but here is the result.

     I wish I could take the next spinning class, but the Sat. schedule for that does not mesh with my summer schedule. Another time I'll take it and learn Navaho plying.
     For now I will take the new bats of purple wool I bought yesterday and sit with a fan at my back and spin.  These blisteringly hot days are good for activities that do not require a lot of outdoor activity. 
I hope it is warm and sunny where you are, and the breeze is enough to keep you cool. 

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